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Book Club Posted by Danielle F. - Aug 26, 2010

The Lost Girls

The Lost Girls book cover

Amanda, Holly, and Jennifer: three women who embarked upon an amazing journey that so many women only dream of. When life presented many unanswered questions and work remained unfulfilling, these women decided to seek more than what their everyday routines had to offer. Feeling a bit uncertain on the journey called life, Amanda, Holly, and Jennifer, who dubbed themselves The Lost Girls, set out on a journey to discover the answers the world holds.

Starting as a blog from the road, their journey continued after the trip and led to the production of The Lost Girls, in which they candidly share many moments from their trip: from the intimate moment that they made the pact to travel the world, through the uncertainty they each felt at one time or another up to the time of the trip, to the victorious moment they shared at the commencement of a trip come true.

As if passing a talking stick, the women take turns telling the story. With each chapter, the reader is given insight into each woman’s perspective, from which she shares her individual challenges and victories from the trip.

Jen fulfilling her desire to volunteer in Kenya, Holly completing her time at the ashram in India, and Amanda realizing her dream to be a travel writer, are all dream come true moments that any reader can find delight in.

One might experience a bit of anxiety during the challenging moments but will certainly find comfort in the resolutions. Despite some, differences, a few disagreements, and some speed bumps along the way, the women maintained their friendship and remained focused on the purpose of the trip: to indulge in the fullness that the experience had to offer.

The Lost Girls’ victorious moments are full of inspiration. From Amanda conquering the bungee jumping challenge to them crossing international borders, their victories will make any reader feel as if you too can leap from any height and conquer anything.

What’s most captivating about this story is how The Lost Girls share the richness and beauty each location possessed. It is apparent that they truly appreciate and cherish all that they experienced. Their descriptions evoke awe-inspiring images in the reader’s imagination. Beyond the physical magnificence of each location, each possessed something even more charming within the people. The stories of the people they met, like the Pathfinder girls in Kenya, combined with the humility that these people posses in spite of the heroic lives they live, like that seen in the clinic caretaker Sister Freda, certainly touch the heart.

After reading this book, you are sure to feel comforted that other women feel the way you do, empowered to do something about it, inspired to explore beyond what you are used to, and definitely compelled to start a journey of your own.

Later this month, you will have the chance to get to know The Lost Girls a little better. Check back for our interview with The Lost Girls! Catch up on more of The Lost Girls’ adventures on their website:

Meet The Lost Girls at one of their upcoming events and figure out how you can take the first step towards starting your own journey! Click here for the fall event calendar.

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