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Travel Posted by Danielle F. - July 8, 2010

The Island Life: Abaco, Bahamas

Abaco, Bahamas

Paradise is often thought of to as a fictional, place located only in one’s imagination. Things that some only see only on television or in artificially fabricated setting, like water as blue as…water should be, sand that cushions your foot with each step, waves that massage your skin with each tide, wind that whispers in your ear, sun that hugs your skin, palm trees that sway in the breeze as if rocking their hips to the cool reggae tunes and waving at you to welcome you to their home, all of that exists on the island of Abaco, Bahamas.

Whether it’s someone who was born there or someone who has done the daily hustle and bustle and left all of that behind to find their little piece of happiness, those who live there savor each moment. Living in this paradise every day, they embrace it: whether it be running into the water and snorkeling naked, leaping into the Atlantic from a fishing boat, docking at any given moment to fetch conch or simply sipping on a rum punch during a lunch meeting.

What’s even more beautiful than the spectacular views that the land landscape itself offers, is the inhabitants’ love for their island. With a love so genuine, they want to share that with those who visit. Go above and beyond to extend a rare gem of hospitality.

With an attitude reminiscent of the classic tune “Don’t Worry, Be Happy,” there is a little piece of happiness on the island of Abaco.

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