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St. Lucia

Posted by Evelyn P. , Contributor
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I had the pleasure of going to St. Lucia for my Honeymoon. This small Island known for its mango shape only populates 162,000 Lucians. It is 27 miles long and 14 miles wide. The climate is tropical ranging in the mid-nineties.St. Lucia reminded me and my new husband of our native lands, Dominican Republic and Guyana respectively. It was beautiful paradise...



The Island Life: Abaco, Bahamas

Posted by Danielle F. , Founder
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Paradise is often thought of to as a fictional, place located only in one’s imagination. Things that some only see only on television or in artificially fabricated setting, like water as blue as…water should be, sand that cushions your foot with each step, waves that massage your skin with each tide, wind that whispers in your ear, sun that hugs your skin,



Article 3

Posted by First Last , Writer
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